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  1. There was is used when you refer to one thing or person. For example: There was a party last night. There were is used when you refer to more than one thing or person. For example: There were some problems with the delivery. There was and There Were Examples.
  2. When I needed a ride, when I didn’t have enough food, he was always there. I knew what I should do, just by watching him. Even now I look to him and love him like a father. This isn’t just my.
  3. There were many things to do and see at the amusement park. (In this sentence, "there" is used with the plural count noun, "things.") There was also a lot of food there. (In this sentence, "there" is used with the noncount noun, "food.") There were a lot of students on this website last night.
  4. There is, There are, There was, There were – rules, examples and exercises [5 tasks] KEYS INCLUDED ((2 pages)) ***editable Level: elementary Age: Downloads:
  5. Always Has Been refers to an exploitable template in which two astronauts are in space. One looks at Earth and realizes the entire Earth is made up of something other than what is expected, and asks "Wait, it's all X?" The other astronaut, preparing a gun, says "Always has been.".
  6. This phrase is not uncommon in spoken English, but in my opinion, it is incorrect when the subject is singular (just “I”). The correct version employs “was” or “am”, as in: “I always was enthusiastic for sashimi”, or “I always am willing to help”.
  7. #2 is absolutely correct for this example, but there are other constructions in which "always be" would be correct. – JSBձոգչ Oct 10 '11 at I've no idea why we always say My room is always clean, but My room always smells musty.
  8. The choice between the phrases there is and there are at the beginning of a sentence is determined by the noun that follows it.; Use there is when the noun is singular (“There is a cat”). Use there are when the noun is plural (“There are two cats”).
  9. Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be is the debut studio album by American punk rock musician GG Allin, recorded and released in on Orange Records. The first three songs on the album which were recorded in and released as a single in

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